Chairman's Statement

Our Board

Our Board1 comprises member-elected directors who continue to deliver value to members by providing strong and effective guidance to successfully shape the strategic direction of the organisation.

This requires a Board that collectively possess the balance of skills and experience to foresee the challenges and seize the opportunities within this increasingly complex environment. For these reasons, it remains important that The Exeter attracts and retains directors of the appropriate calibre to effectively govern, manage and shape the strategic direction of the organisation.

I believe that our Board is well placed to undertake this important role on your behalf with relevant, diverse and deep levels of expertise across the business, insurance and risk spectrum.

Our Board has undergone a few changes this year.

In April 2019 we welcomed John Gunn to the board as Finance Director, replacing Paul Austin who retired after 10 years of service. We were also joined by Chris Pollard, Chief Operating Officer increasing the number of Executive Directors to five. To maintain the independent balance required, we welcomed Keith Baldwin as an Independent Non-Executive Director in August 2019.

The Board, through its Nomination Committee, has discussed succession planning for the Chief Executive Office role and it was originally planned for Andy to retire at the end of 2020. However, due to the severity and ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 Andy has agreed to delay his retirement.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members to have their say as to how The Exeter is governed by encouraging you all to vote at our AGM each year. This is an important difference between a mutual and other types of insurers and I trust that you will continue to take the opportunity to actively participate in the business of governing your organisation.