Chairman's Statement

Our Board

The Exeter’s Board1 is central to setting strategic direction and ensuring the highest governance and risk management standards to support delivery of strategic objectives, whilst ensuring long term prosperity of the business. We achieve this in no small part due to my Board colleagues, both executive and non–executive, who work hard to drive the Society forward to continuing prosperity.

Our Finance Director, Paul Austin, retires in April 2019 and will be replaced by John Gunn, an existing member of our Executive Board. To succeed our retiring Head of Operations, Alan Ord, we have appointed a new Chief Operating Officer, Chris Pollard, who will become a board-level Director, which increases the number of executive directors to five. To maintain the independent balance required on the Board we will be recruiting another Non-Executive Director in 2019.

All Directors are accountable to the members and we must all, myself included, be elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting when the members exercise their right to scrutinise our credentials and track record, and vote on our continuing roles on the Board.